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Company Name:Icebox, Inc.
Co-Founders and Managing Directors:Jonathan Collier, Howard Gordon, Rob LaZebnik, Scott Rupp and Tal Vigderson
Founding Date:November 1999
Launch Date:June 2000

Icebox is a groundbreaking new Internet company that has assembled an unparalleled lineup of writers, producers and animators to create original animated entertainment programming on the Web. Very simply, is the foremost destination for animation on the Internet. Its gathering of A-list creators represents the premier talent pool ever brought together to develop animation series that will debut before an online audience. Conceived by its founders as a legitimate writers' haven, where the storyteller uniformly prevails, Icebox allows original works to be produced in quick fashion and in an atmosphere of unprecedented creative liberty. Along with the work of established talent, Icebox presents the best work from emerging writers.

The company and its content creators capitalize both on the inherent "freedom of the medium"-which is unencumbered by the often creatively confining restrictions of the studio system and traditional media-and on the ability of flash animation to provide the most enjoyable visual entertainment experience available on the Web today. For its target demographic, ages 15-40, Icebox offers cutting-edge, unfiltered programming that is of superior quality and that is hip and fun, funny and cool, fresh, irreverent and utterly new.

The launch of this Internet Animation Studio has been funded in part by eCompanies, an execution-oriented Internet incubator whose mission it is to rapidly launch cutting-edge start-ups that present clear potential to grow into profitable, enduring franchises. Icebox's vast potential lies in its unlimited value as a de facto incubator itself-capable of quickly and effectively gauging consumer interest-for programming and merchandising opportunities that are ultimately transferable to traditional media.

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