03 March 2019

Article: Help! My Engagement Ring Is Turning Yellow - Rhodium Services In Atlanta!

| By Icebox Icebox

Did you notice your white gold ring is turning a bit yellow?  That's because it needs a fresh Rhodium plating.  ALL white gold jewelry gets a "Rhodium Plating" before it leaves the jewelry factory, and it does fade with time.

In order to make white gold look perfectly white, it needs a factory finish called Rhodium Plating.  Most people don't know about it, and most people don't ever get their items re-dipped in Rhodium, which makes your ring look old, less shiny, outdated.

Icebox offers factory-quality (because we are manufacturers) Rhodium services to walk-in customers starting from $69 on up.  Simple engagement rings are $69, and if you have a small matching wedding band with it, it is $110.  There is not a better company in Atlanta for Rhodium plating services than Icebox.

If you have a huge ring, or a bracelet, or a necklace, the price will be higher.  All rhodium services include a free polish, ultrasonic cleaning, and steam cleaning.  In most cases, 90% of the scratches are removed in the process.  We do not do rhodium on any metals but gold, so if you bring a silver ring, we cannot do it.

We are located in Buckhead near Lenox Mall at:

3255 Peachtree Road NE; Atlanta, GA 30305 - You can call us at 404-842-0266 with any questions. We accept walk-ins during business hours of M-F 11AM-7PM and Saturday from 12-6PM.


Some people wonder, why does my white gold look yellow?  Well the reason is because white gold is ALWAYS made of yellow gold, so when they process the metals with bright white alloys, the metal still has a light yellow color underneath.  Most rings need a fresh rhodium plating every year or two.  If you don't wear the piece often, the plating can last 5 years.  But if you wear it every day, it will need a fresh rhodium plating every year.